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wedding photographer for black weddings near me

I'm Chad, a New Orleans area freelance weddinglifestyleand commercial Photographer/videographer available to capture your special moments. I'm a married father of two wonderful sons. I'm a lifelong New Orleanian now residing not far away in Gretna.


Creating images has always been my hobby, from comic drawings and graffiti as a youth to graphics and web design as a young adult. Through those experiences, I became "technically proficient" at image and video editing and manipulating my equipment. It wasn't until 2016, after being repeatedly requested to capture events, that I seriously had the idea to pursue this as a career.  My hobby has now become my passion and a viable profession. Armed with a variety of high-quality gear, years of technical experience, my personal philosophy of creative simplicity, and a thirst for perfection paired with the guidance of my client's vision, I'm certain that we can find a direction that produces beautiful images.

Photographs and videos capture the memories you will look back on and treasure your entire life. At Chad Populis Photography, I am proud to offer my clients a quality and affordable experience to tell their stories through images. I take pride in my commitment to personal service and attention to detail. Visit my BOOKING page for various package rates.

I want you to have the photograph that defines a moment in time, the one that hangs on the wall forever – that’s the image I strive for. The beautiful details are the heartbeat of photography: I want your heart to skip a beat for decades to come. When I work with someone, I want to know them, learn about who they are. I want to know your love, what made you the person you are. Visit my PORTFOLIO to view the quality of my work.


Working together, we’ll craft a vision that’s unique, and tells your story. Instead of just snapping some photos, we create something together that’s timeless, romantic, and captures the emotions as they happen. I’m striving to become one of the top photographers in New Orleans, and as a client, you'll have an integral part in that mission.

I shoot SONY! I exclusively shoot on Sony Full Frame E-mount mirrorless camera bodies. I feel this system has the most versatility with its ability to capture great video and stills in low light situations. Quality will never be an issue with system. Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Fujifilm all make great cameras and you cant go wrong choosing any system, but IMO, the Sony Cameras give me the most options.

"Featured as one of the top New Orleans photographers!"


for Wedding, engagements, video, bridal shoots, and all things matrimony

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Meet The Team
Chad Populis is a New Orleans area black wedding photographer for hire who also specializes in boudoir, real estate and other styles of photography. We also provide 360 photo booth rentals across the South Louisiana and Gulf Coast regions.

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Rondell Hillard
Equipment Manager

Desmond "SupaVision" Toney
Associate Photographer

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Rental equipment operator and technician

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New Orleans videographer and photographer

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Brandon "B Knox" Knox
Associate Photographer

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New Orleans social club videographer and photographer

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Troydell Hillard
Event Coordinator

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Event planner, landscaper, fashion loving, entreprenurial socialite

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Cameron Populis
Audio/Visual Manager

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Music Producer aka "Noré M Beats" and Manager of Noré Event Rentals

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Roderick Johnson
Equipment Manager

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Rental equipment operator and director of logistics

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