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10 Important Questions to Ask When You Rent a Photo Booth

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Planning a party, wedding, corporate event, or family reunion? Here at Chad Populis Photography and Nore Events, we've completed well over 500 events over the last 10 years as photographers and event planners. We launched our 360 Photo booth business in April of 2023 and have serviced a dozen clients in our first 2 months. We have compiled some of the most frequent questions a potential client should inquire about when looking to rent a photo booth.

Renting a photo booth will undoubtedly add fun and create fantastic memories. But how do you pick out the right one?

Before you send money for an awesome Instagram-ready photo booth experience, there are some key questions to ask the company you’re thinking about renting from.

Here are 10 of the most important ones:

1. Can you provide references?

Asking for references is an easy way to get an idea of the company’s quality of service. Read reviews, speak with people who have already rented a photo booth from the company, and take into account any complaints or compliments they may have. Chad Populis Photography has several reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients commenting on our preparedness and professionalism.

CLICK HERE to view some of what our clients have to say!

2. How many people can use the photo booth at one time?

The more people able to use the photo booth the better. You’ll want a sturdy booth with plenty of space for experience-makers to feel comfortable in the booth. Our Nore Events 360 Video Photo Booths can hold up to 4 people at a time. Our iPad Digital photo booth and our DSLR Magic Mirror selfie photo booth are open-air photo booths and can accommodate as many partygoers as can fit in the photo booth camera's background view.

3. How does the printing process work?

Ask how long it takes between taking the picture and getting the product ready for your guests – and don’t forget to inquire about the maximum number of prints it can produce in a certain time. At Chad Populis Photography, Our printers take about 30-45 seconds to print a finished product after taking a photo. Our booths can create about 30-50 photo strip prints per hour, depending on the efficiency and speed of the photo booth sessions.

4. Are there customization options available?

Can you have a custom logo or design added to your photo booth strips? If so, are there set-up or design fees? Our Nore Events iPad Digital photo booth comes with an advertising LCD screen and for $150 can display your logo, video, or any other image. All of our Photo booth rentals come with one custom-designed overlay for all of your images and prints. We can also source custom props tailored to the theme of your event.

5. Does the booth have modern features?

LED lights, superhero masks, backdrop, and props – these are just some of the popular features you may be interested in. Ask about all the various advanced features your rental company's photo booth offers. Here at Nore Events all of our event rentals include RGB LED lighting and automated operation features. We can provide custom props upon request for a fee and have generic high-quality party photo booth props available for each photobooth rental. We also have several photo booth backdrops to choose from and can create a custom photobooth backdrop for $250.

6. How easy is it to set up and take down?

One of the most important criteria to consider when renting a portable photo booth is the installation process. How long will it take for them to set it up and break it down? Our technicians require at least 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to break down. This allows us to survey our set-up area, install photo booths, and test the operation. This time is included with your photo booth price at no additional cost.

7. Is the photo booth easy to use?

Ask about the user-friendliness of the booth. Is there an on-site technician to help out if needed? Our Nore 360 photo booths come with 2 technicians to install equipment, operate the photo booth, and direct guests throughout the experience. Our iPad digital photo booth requires only 1 installer and DOES NOT require an attendant to be onsite. The only thing needed is a continuous power supply and internet access. Our Magic Mirror photo booth requires 2 installers and will have a technician available at all times. All print services are for 3 hours and DO require an attendant.

8. Is there a limit to the number of photos taken during an event?

Some photo booth rentals might limit the number of photos per event. What’s the restriction? Do they come with a certain number of prints or an unlimited amount of prints for the guests? Here at Nore Events, we supply as many photos as possible within the allotted time. Our print services are for 3 hours and we typically can print about 30 photos per hour. Depending on your guests' interaction with the booth, we can expect about 50-100 photos for your event.

9. Can I reserve the photo booth for multiple days?

If you’re looking to have a 2-day event, make sure the rental company can accommodate you. Make sure to ask about their photo booth price and any package deals when it comes to longer reservations. Our maximum time for a 360 photo booth rental and a Magic Mirror photo booth rental is 6 hours. Our maximum rental time to rent an iPad photo booth is 3 days. Our daily rental price for our iPad booth is $500.

10. Is there a travel fee?

Finally, inquire about the company’s travel policy. Is there an extra fee for delivery and set-up outside the rental company’s home city? How much do they charge for additional hours? Knowing all this upfront can help you avoid unexpected costs later on. Our travel fees for our 360 photo booth rentals include travel to locations within 25 miles from zip code 70056. Additional travel fee of $5/mile up to a maximum of 125 miles.

When renting a photo booth, always check customer service reviews. Check the policies, packages, customization options, warranties, etc., and ensure any quotes you receive match your requirements. The answers to these simple questions can go a long way toward helping you rent the best photo booth for any event.

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