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7 Unique Ideas for using Photo Booth Props for Parties

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

In New Orleans, when it comes to partying and entertaining guests, there are not many things more fun than having a photo booth. Not only do they provide a unique way for guests to remember the night, but they also provide a great source of entertainment!

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In order to make any photo booth truly stand out from the rest, you need to add some special touches to it. One of the best ways to do this is by using photo booth props.

These fun accessories can turn any ordinary photo booth into a fantastic one and give your guests an even better snapshot of your special event.

Here are six unique ways to use photo booth props:

1. Masquerade Masks

What would a party be without masquerade masks? Masks are the perfect addition to any photo booth. Not only do they add a touch of mystery and romance to the occasion, but it also lets everyone have fun playing dress up. Provide an assortment of masks for your guests to choose from and you’ll get some amazing photos.

Helpful tip: keep sanitizer spray and towelettes handy to keep your props clean!

2. Crazy Hats

Everyone loves to wear crazy hats, so why not add some festive fun with a selection of unique hats for your photo booth? There are plenty of styles to choose from – from top hats to firefighter hats to Viking crowns. Let your guests explore their creativity and create some stunning photos from their playfulness.

3. Funny Glasses

Few props can make a photo booth experience more enjoyable than a cool pair of glasses. Whether you choose a pair of big blue nerd glasses, light-up shades or a pair of aviator sunglasses, these funny accessories are sure to get a few laughs and some crazy-looking photos.

4. Costumes

Provide your guests with some costumes for their photo booth experience and you’ll be amazed at the results. From superhero costumes, doctors, nurses, policemen, and firefighters to animals, royalty, togas and other fun outfits, you’ll get some truly unique photos that will last a lifetime.

5. Fun Signs

Photo booth signage is a great way to add some fun and humor to your photo booth experience. You can provide signs with puns, jokes, or words of encouragement. With a range of personalized signs, your guests can get crafty and showcase their silly side.

6. Bubble Movie Props

Bubbles add an extra element of fun to any photo booth. Whether your props are bubble guns or bubble machines, these exciting accessories are sure to create some truly spectacular photos!

7. Cash Gun and Confetti Cannon

Confetti cannons and money guns are great additions to any photo booth, making photos more fun, unique, and memorable. Confetti cannons, which are paper tubes containing colorful confetti designed to shoot all over the area when activated, provide an entertaining and colorful prop for photos that can showcase different colors and styles. Money guns, which shoot fake money around the room, can add a fun element to any photo. Both props are great for capturing people's attention and creating exciting, memorable photographs.

Using prop sets for your photo booth is the perfect way to add a spark to any party. Not only will it give your guests something to talk about and take home, but it will also add a unique flair to your event.

Plus, by providing an assortment of fun props, everyone can experience the night in a unique way, creating memories that will last for years to come.

So, whatever occasion you’re planning, adding some unique props to your photo booth can make it truly memorable.

With dozens of different styles available, you can let your guests explore their creativity and have some fun, producing some truly one-of-a-kind photos.

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases


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