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Demystifying Wedding Videography Costs in New Orleans: A Photographer’s Perspective

Hello everyone! I'm Chad Populis, a New Orleans-based wedding photographer with a keen passion for capturing unforgettable moments. Today, instead of my usual photo-centric posts, I'm going to shed some light on the other side of the lens, focusing on wedding videography costs in our vibrant city. This might come as a surprise, but it's a topic I often get asked about by couples trying to juggle their wedding budgets – and understandably so.

Let’s face it – your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and between the venue, flowers, cake, attire, music, and photography, planning a wedding can often feel like a bottomless pit of expenses. Not to mention, adding videography into the mix might seem like another financial hill to climb, which often prompts the question: Is wedding videography truly worth it?

To answer simply, yes! A wedding video offers a dynamic aspect to your wedding, showcasing the feel, sound, and motion of your big day that photos simply can't. Now, understanding the costs associated with wedding videography is the first step towards making room for it in your budget.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

1. Videographer’s Experience and Style

The experience and style of your videographer play a significant role in determining cost. Novice New Orleans wedding videographer prices might start around $1000, while seasoned wedding video professionals rates starts upwards from $3500 to well over $10,000. Also, a videographer with a more cinematic, storytelling approach may command a higher price than one with a straightforward approach.

2. Coverage Time

This relates to how long you want the videographer on-site. The longer the coverage, the higher the cost will be. Be sure to discuss with your videographer what moments you want to be filmed to utilize their time efficiently.

3. Equipment and Crew

Most professional videographers work with at least one assistant and high-end equipment, including drones for aerial views, multiple cameras for different angles, stabilizers, and professional audio systems. The costs of videographers usually cover the use of all such equipment and crew.

4. Post-Production

This involves editing your wedding footage into a cohesive and beautiful film. Depending on the complexity of the editing and length of the final video, this service can significantly impact pricing.

5. Extras

This might include a highlights video, raw footage, extra DVDs or hard drives, and so forth. Each extra adds to the final cost.

Based on these factors, a rough estimate for wedding videography in New Orleans might range from $1200 to $5000. But remember, each videographer's pricing and package structures may vary greatly.

While incorporating videography into your wedding budget necessitates extra planning and forethought, the investment can undoubtedly yield an invaluable keepsake. It’s a way to relive the magic, emotion, and movement of the day – from the joyous dance floor antics to the soft-spoken vows. One thing’s for sure; you won’t regret capturing the beautiful narrative of your wedding day in motion.

As your friendly neighborhood photographer, I've had the pleasure to collaborate with many talented videographers in our city. So if you're looking for recommendations or any other wedding-related advise, feel free to drop me a message.

Until next time, happy wedding planning!

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