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The Top Wedding Photography Trends for 2024

As we step into the year 2024, the wedding landscape is rapidly changing, bringing forth an exciting array of trends. Let’s dive into the top wedding trends you should consider for your special day, with a focus on Candid Moments, Film Photography and Video, Photos Taken by Guests, Drone Shots, and Elevated Photo Sets.

New Orleans wedding photographer. Trends in wedding videography for 2024

Candid Moments

Candid moments have always been cherished at weddings, but come 2024, they will be one of the most significant trends. This involves capturing genuine moments of joy, laughter, surprise, and heartfelt interactions - the real emotion behind the grand occasion. From sincere laughter to emotional embraces with loved ones, candid photography will be a major part of documenting your big day.

Film Photography and Video

In a digital age, the charm of film photography and analog videos is making a major comeback. The deep emotional quality and timeless appeal of film captures the soulful moments of your wedding with a unique vintage touch. Film photography and video give an authentic and atmospheric feel that pairs beautifully with the authenticity of a wedding day.

Photos Taken by Guests

Move over professional wedding photographers, wedding guests are stepping up their photography game! With the rise of high-quality smartphone cameras, couples are increasingly embracing the trend of photos taken by guests to capture their wedding from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, it's a wonderful way to involve guests and see the event through their eyes.

Drone Shots

With technology playing a significant role in the modern wedding scene, drone shots are set to provide an impressive aerial perspective of your wedding. This 2024 wedding trend will capture stunning overhead videos and panoramic pictures, getting everyone into a single frame and showing an overview of the stunning wedding venue.

Elevated Photo Sets

Elevated photo sets are upping the game in the wedding industry. They involve creating imaginative and visually striking scenes with attractive props, backdrops, and advanced lighting. This trend aims to deliver dynamic photo compositions that reflect the couple's personality and love story in a creatively enchanting manner.

Photo Booths

Wedding Photo booths are a great icebreaker, adding a fun, entertaining element to your special day. Instead of the typical props and plain backdrops, expect interactive and personalized photo booths that elevate engagement and entertainment. Furthermore, the trend extends to instant photo souvenirs for guests. They will get to take home instant prints, often personalized with your wedding details, making your big day memorable and unique for them.

Undoubtedly, these trends are redefining the way we celebrate and capture weddings. So, plan your 2024 wedding keeping these trends in mind, and be ready for a memorable and chic experience.

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