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What to Wear to a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

There are so many photo shoots associated with weddings, but one of the most thrilling experiences is a bridal boudoir shoot. Whether you are doing it to commemorate your wedding or create a gift for your partner, taking these intimate photos is an empowering experience you won't forget.

Bridal boudoir photography is a delightful session that brings out the true beauty and femininity of the bride before she walks down the aisle. Besides the typical white lingerie, there are many other props, items, and outfits that brides could consider to add more variety and personal touch to their boudoir photo shoot.

Bridal boudoir photography is an empowering experience that celebrates the bride-to-be in her most beautiful and sensual form. And with these prop and outfit suggestions, your boudoir session is bound to be as unique and unforgettable as you are.

Utilize your wedding day attire

Firstly, incorporating the wedding dress, shoes, veil, and other accessories in the boudoir session can be a lovely idea as it can create a beautiful bridge between the private, intimate boudoir photos and the public, celebratory wedding ceremony. It can be sensual shots of the bride buttoning up the dress, slipping into her shoes, or admiring her veil. You could also feature a few shots of the wedding ring, a symbol of your love and commitment, which would be a romantic prop to add to your photo shoot.

Bring the presence of your groom to the Shoot

Consider incorporating the groom’s clothing into your boudoir session. Donning his favorite shirt, tie, or watch not only adds a sexy twist to the photo shoot, but also brings an element of him into the session. This can create beautiful images that your soon-to-be husband will surely appreciate.

Change up the Styles and Colors

Don't limit yourself to just white lingerie; explore different styles and colors. A luxurious, red velvet robe or a classic, black lace teddy can be visually striking, communicating different facets of your personality. Remember, the boudoir photo session is all about you, so feel free to wear anything that makes you feel attractive and comfortable.

Of course, it can be a bit nerve-wracking to pose in lingerie, so we scoured Amazon for great deals on the most flattering, highly-rated pieces. These pieces are all about choosing the right look to feel sexy and confident in front of the camera.

If your boudoir shoot is part of a wedding present for your new spouse, it's important to feel good in your skin. So no matter your body type or lingerie style, here are some of our top lingerie picks and tips for rocking your bridal boudoir photo shoot.

Our Quick Picks


A one-piece bodysuit makes everyone feel good. It snatches you in and really accentuates your curves. With an adjustable tulle bow, this lace teddy further highlights your waist, while giving a bridal touch. It's the perfect balance of sweet and sexy.

Colors: White | Size Range: XS-XL | Materials: Lace, Mesh, Nylon, Spandex

Any matching set—whether it's colorful or just a classic black or red—is a staple to have in your closet. This floral lace set is one that you can wear way beyond the boudoir shoot. The unlined balconette goes up to size 46I and has fully adjustable straps and supportive wings. With nine colors to choose from, you can find the right shade to fit with the theme of your shoot, no matter if it's sweet or moody. Do note that the bra, panty, and garter belt are sold separately.

Colors: Black | Size Range: 30A-46I/S-4X | Materials: Lace, Mesh, Nylon, Spandex

For an extra confidence boost, we recommend having a silk robe on set, like this pretty one from Avidlove. Many women feel a lot more powerful and sexy when they have on a robe. It's nice having something that you can drape off one shoulder. Bonus: The flare sleeves and lace trim make it feel extra glam.

Colors: 18 | Size Range: S-5X | Materials: Polyester, Lace, Satin

We love this corset piece. You can tighten it to further accentuate your curves, lift your bust, and hold it all in. We love that this piece comes with a matching satin panty and attached garters. Now you just have to decide whether you'll choose the innocent white or naughty red.

Colors: Black, Red, White, Brown, Purple | Size Range: XXS-5X | Materials: Satin, Lace STOCKINGS: Sofsy Thigh High Nylon Stockings AMAZON

Complete your bridal lingerie look with some lacy thigh-highs. They accentuate your legs and lead to some creative photo ops, whether you're pulling them up or down.

Colors: 11 | Size Range: XS-2X | Materials: Polyamide, Spandex

What to Look for in Bridal Boudoir Lingerie

Colors Deciding on the color of your lingerie really depends on the overall theme of the boudoir shoot. Are you sticking to a bridal look and plan to only wear white? Then go with a white bodysuit like Dreamgirl's Stretch Lace Teddy. If you want to embrace your dark, sultry side, try something in red or black, like Acelandy Satin Lace Corset. Materials Just like with the color, choosing the materials for your lingerie largely depends on your theme. Mesh and leather lend an edge while lace and satin feels more girlie. Any material that makes you feel good and confident is great.


  • How do I pose during a boudoir photo shoot? Sure, you've probably taken a ton of selfies and group shots with your friends, but posing solo in front of the camera is a bit different. When all the cameras are on you, it's important to take up space and not be afraid to move around. Effecting modeling is almost like you're dancing around rather than striking a harsh pose. Don't think so much about poses, but think about fluidity and movement between them. Some of the best shots are actually those moments in between.

  • How do I find the right photographer? Besides finding the right lingerie, it's equally important to find a photographer you trust and are comfortable shooting with. Review their portfolio and consider meeting them first and having a test shoot. It's also vital that you communicate what look you are going for and any boundaries you have while shooting. Going in with a mood board of inspirational images ensures you are both on the same page.

  • What else can I do to relax and feel confident on set? You can bring a family member or friend who won't judge and who can bring out the fun and creative side of you. Music is also an essential element to create the mood and atmosphere you desire. And to get yourself hyped up, start practicing your poses at home—ideally in your new lingerie. Practice in front of the mirror, and then once you are there, just act as if you are in your room alone. Really connect and engage with the camera and block out the exterior pieces and people in the room.

Your attire for a bridal boudoir photo shoot should reflect your personal style and comfort as much as the aesthetics of the photos. It is essential that you feel at ease, confident and sensual during the shoot to capture genuine and striking images. Outfits can vary from luxurious lingerie sets, garters, veils, and silk robes to more subtle and intimate garments like an oversized sweater, or even a simple white button-down. Always remember that these pictures are a visual narration of your essence as a bride, your femininity and the celebration of your body. Communicate with your photographer, share your ideas and concerns; their experience and insight will be crucial in guiding you to choose the perfect outfit.

Selecting what to wear to a bridal boudoir photo shoot requires you to lean into your comfort zone while highlighting your unique beauty and charm. It's your time to shine and celebrate your journey into marital bliss. Combining simplicity with elegance can work wonders and using accessories like jewelry or bridal veils can add an element of finesse. While it may seem like a daunting task, this process can be immensely rewarding and filled with fun. Remember, the end goal of this fussed-over fashion is simply to celebrate you: your beauty, your confidence, your journey. So, take the leap, embrace your sensuality and step into the wonderful world of bridal boudoir photography.


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