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Modeling & Fashion Photography
fine-art, beauty, & branding

Urban portrait of beautiful african american New Orleans woman

Modeling and Fashion Sessions


Photography for fashion and brand modeling, in-studio.


60mins   - 1 look. 5 image gallery (3 edits+2 retouched) .............. $200

90mins   - 2 looks. 10 image gallery (7 edits+3 retouched) .......... $300

120mins - 3 looks. 15 image gallery (12 edits+3 retouched) ........ $400

additional edits $20/ea

additional retouches $50/ea

location travel fee $75 + expenses

We only supply lighting equipment and default color backdrops (black, grey, white and brown). Other requested colors require a 1 week's notice prior to the shoot to guarantee availability. The model should arrive with makeup applied, hair styled and any clothing and props desired for the session. A light misting spray may be used to tame loose hairs and oils may be used to sheen the skin. Inform the photographer before arriving if there is an issue with either of these practices. Model may arrive 30 mins. early to prepare for shoot.

photographer for black models in New Orleans

Frequently Asked questions

Q. What is model photography?

A. Model photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing shots of a person as a model. It involves creative expression, experimentation, and attention to detail to capture the model in desired poses and lighting.

Q. Are there any poses that work well for model photography?

A. Yes - there are some poses that naturally produce flattering and artistic results. These poses are often referred to as "classic" or "iconic" poses, and they include the power stance, the basic fashion model pose, and the action pose, among others. We have reference charts in our studio and our photographers are trained in standard poses.