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Share the Wealth! Refer a Friend and earn a 5% cash rebate, Plus They Get a 5% discount Too!


It's simple!

Just fill out and submit the info below and we will email your unique referral code and promo materials below once approved


Next step ...

Once you've received your code, you can share it as often as you'd like with friends, family, and colleagues promoting our products and services


... Then

Once a client using your code finalizes a transaction on our site, they'll instantly be rewarded with 5% off 




at the conclusion of each month, we will collect your applied coupon code rebates and send your earnings via your desired payment method!

Apply to our Referral Program

earn 5% on every transaction used with your unique code

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Q: How does the 5% referral program work?

A: With our 5% referral program, the referring customer earns a 5% cash rebate for each transaction completed on our site using their referral code. The purchasing customer who uses the code receives a 5% discount on their order.


Q: Who is eligible to participate in the 5% referral program?

A: Generally speaking, anyone who is a customer of the company offering the 5% program is eligible to participate. Potential referrers must apply to become eligible. Limited to 50 persons


Q: How do referring customers refer their friends?

A: Approved referring customers are given a custom referral code that they can share with their friends. The friend can then use the code to make their discounted purchase and the customer will earn a 5% cash rebate.


Q: Are there any limits to the number of referrals a customer can make in a 5% referral program?

A: Customers can make up to 100 referred transactions using their and will earn a 5% discount on each successful referral they make. after 100 code uses, the code will no longer be valid and the referrer would have to reapply to the program.


Q: Is there a time limit for customers to make their referrals?

A: No. as long as the business still offers products and services, the referral codes will be valid.


Q: How do the customers receive their discounts?

A: Purchasing customers' discounts are applied automatically when a successful purchase is finalized. The referrer will receive monthly payouts upon successful referral codes from the previous month.


Q: What happens if the referral link or code is not used?

A: If the referral link or code is not used, the customer does not receive the discount.

Q. What kind of referral buys count to receive the 5% discount?

A: Any type of referral purchase that is completed will be rewarded with a 5% discount.


Q. Is the 5% discount applies to the entire order?

A: Yes, the 5% discount will be applied to the entire order.


Q. Is the 5% discount accessible to all customers?

A: Yes, the 5% discount is available to all customers who purchase a product or service through a referral.


Q. Is the 5% discount applicable to international orders?

A: Yes, the 5% discount applies to international orders.


Q. Is the 5% discount a one-time offer?

A: No, customers can receive a 5% discount on multiple referrals.

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