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10 Underrated Outdoor Venues to host your New Orleans Wedding

New Orleans is one of the coolest and most romantic cities in the U.S. and it makes an ideal setting for any wedding. With its vibrant culture, vintage architecture, and rich history, the city offers a variety of outdoor wedding venues that can help set the stage for an amazingly grand wedding.

New Orleans outdoor wedding secondline Brass band
New Orleans newlywed couple wedding secondline Brass band

New Orleans outdoor weddings are so popular because they offer the perfect backdrops for spectacular photos. There is an abundance of beautiful nature options to choose from, from riverside parks to lagoons and lush gardens to rolling lawns. There is an array of magnificent venues that can accommodate your big day, such as plantation houses, barns, and antebellum homes, and unique options such as rooftops and French Quarter and Garden District architecture. With the backdrop of New Orleans, having an outdoor wedding adds to the celebration and brings charm and character to an already unique and special occasion.

Here are 10 underrated outdoor wedding venues to choose from in New Orleans when planning your wedding.

Race + Religious is nestled in the heart of the Lower Garden district in New Orleans. The collective of its three buildings has been transformed into an event venue with international acclaim for its intriguing rooms and hidden courtyards that make up this eclectic space. Courtyards can be used for ceremonies, cocktail hour, seated dinners, and a dance floor. The interior spaces are typically used for food stations, wedding cakes, dessert displays, and general gathering areas.

This picturesque spot in Audubon Park is a popular choice for wedding ceremonies because of its simplicity and very low cost. The stunning live oak tree with its sprawling canopy of branches surrounded by lush greenery provides a beautiful backdrop for your special day. There is a $150 permit fee for any organized gathering at the Tree of Life of 25 or more guests.

The Columns Hotel is one of the most popular outdoor new orleans wedding venues in the city. Located in the Garden District, the hotel features a spacious courtyard and a large terrace, perfect for exchanging vows and celebrating your special day.

Woldenberg Park is an ideal setting for a waterfront wedding. Woldenberg Park is a picturesque wedding venue located in the heart of downtown New Orleans. Sitting right on the banks of the Mississippi River, this venue offers an incredible backdrop of the city skyline, lush green trees, and a stunning view of the river. For the ceremony, couples can choose from the picturesque Hagan Pavilion or the serene grassy lawns. For the reception, the park offers two pavilions which can be used for wedding receptions of up to 200 guests.

This historic estate offers an idyllic setting for a wedding, with its grand courtyard, lush gardens, and stunning views of the city skyline. The estate also features a unique carriage house, perfect for a romantic ceremony.

Nestled in City Park, The Pavilion of the Two Sisters is a perfect spot as an outdoor new orleans wedding venue. The pavilion’s lush gardens, fountains, and ponds make it a romantic spot for your special day.

The Chicory is the perfect combination of New Orleans’ enchanting old-world charm and modern amenities every bride or groom could need. Wedding planners love our event space which can easily accommodate 400 guests.

The Pitot House and garden can accommodate all of your wedding events — ceremony, reception, dinner, cocktail hour, etc. The 10,000-square-foot yard adjacent to the house has a maximum capacity of 200. The ground floor of the building, using the lower gallery spaces, can accommodate up to 50 people depending on the type of event and the setup.

The BK Historic House and Gardens is a National Historic Landmark built in 1826 and restored to its present condition by renowned author Frances Parkinson Keyes beginning in 1948. The BK Historic House and Gardens is the ideal location for your wedding, bridal shower, corporate event or lecture!

Located in the Bywater District, The Capulet is a unique venue for an outdoor wedding. The venue features a rooftop deck with Panoramic views of the city making it a romantic spot for a wedding ceremony and reception

These are just a few of the many outdoor venues in New Orleans. Whether you’re looking for a traditional garden wedding, a modern urban venue, or something more unique, the city has a variety of venues to choose from. With its vibrant culture and stunning views, the city of New Orleans is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.

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Chad Populis
Chad Populis
15 июл. 2023 г.
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This blog post perfectly captures the magical charm of getting married in New Orleans! As a wedding photographer, I can attest to the city's unique blend of culture, history, and romance. The variety of venues - from elegant mansions to quaint courtyards and from historic churches to jazz clubs - is unparalleled anywhere else. I absolutely love the recommendation for incorporating traditional elements like a second-line parade. No other place can inject energy and creativity into weddings like New Orleans! A great read for anyone considering a New Orleans wedding.

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