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The Most Popular Wedding Photo and Video Trends for 2024

Eager to know what lies ahead in the breathtaking world of wedding photography and videography? In this article, we'll take you on a journey to discover the top trends for 2024. As we tune into the rapidly evolving technology and with people constantly seeking unique, engaging ways to capture their monumental day, these trends are expected to leave a significant mark on the wedding industry. From immersive storytelling to the use of AI and beyond, let's advance into the future and explore the captivating transformation in the art of wedding imagery. Buckle up for an exciting glimpse of what the lens of 2024 looks set to focus on!

new orleans wedding photographer 2024

Photo Trends for 2024 Weddings From evening portraits to bridal boudoir photo shoots, these are the wedding photography trends you can expect to see this year. Discarding Traditional Shots Couples are opting for more candid, natural shots versus overly posed pictures. More wedding couples want their weddings to document the joy and emotion of the event instead of just simply memorializing the events. Engagement Photos Couples are taking advantage of their engagement session with their photographer to capture memories they may have missed out on over the last couple of years. Couples are realizing that they have a unique opportunity to create a more diverse wedding gallery and serve some different looks ahead of their wedding day to document this incredible time in their lives.

wedding couple engagement photos in New Orleans

Professional Photography for Every Wedding Event Engaged couples don’t just want their wedding photographer—they care just as much about capturing the events leading up to the wedding as they are about the day itself. More couples are wanting their photographers for more than just the wedding day they want the photographers involved in the bachelor or bachelorette parties (usually when it's co-ed), rehearsal and welcome dinners, goodbye brunches, and honeymoon adventures! Nighttime Portraits There’s no need to rush to get all your photos taken before the sun goes down, especially when nighttime photos are so unique. So many couples are adding a night portrait session into their day. This allows for a total change in vibe so they end up getting two to different feeling wedding portraits—whimsical portraits during the day and the edgy, party look in the evening.

night time portrait of bride and groom wedding photos

Boudoir Session for Two A boudoir session is usually a more sensual photo shoot that the bride does as a gift for the groom, but consider using the session as an opportunity for quality time and to really capture the love. Most couples hit a point where wedding planning becomes exhausting and stressful, so this time alone is a great way to reconnect with each other and remember why you're taking this big step in the first place.

Micro Weddings and Elopement Photography

The trend of holding intimate, smaller weddings has been gaining momentum over the past years and this is reflected in photography as well. The scale may have been cut down but not the celebration, which makes these moments unique to capture. Micro weddings lend themselves perfectly to candid and genuine photo opportunities, as well as beautiful, intimate portraits. Their inherent relaxed atmospheres lend themselves to a storytelling approach where each moment holds a precious emotion. Elopement photography emphasizes the raw, passionate, and genuine love between the couple. As we head to 2024, wedding photographers will redefine their skills to capture these delicate moments uniquely.

Monochrome Wedding Photography

While colorful photographs capture the vibrancy of weddings, black & white photos hold a timeless, classic charm. Monochrome photography, despite being a departure from the traditional wedding color palette, is gaining traction. It uniquely highlights the textures, emotion, and profoundness of the moment in a way color might not achieve. Black & white images stand out because they rely entirely on light, shadows, and the subject to create a striking photograph. As we move into 2024, more couples will incorporate this vintage aesthetic into their wedding albums' repertoire.

monochrome black and white bride bouquet wedding photo

First-Look Photoshoots

The magical moment when the couple sees each other all decked up for the very first time on their wedding day is incomparable. This trend has become increasingly popular and is expected to surge in 2024. First-look photos capture the genuine reactions of the bride and groom that couples love to remember. Some even rope in other members like bridesmaids and parents to make the moment even more memorable.

Videography Trends for 2024 Weddings Wedding Videography has always been important to couples and will be even more so in 2024. You can’t put a price on the beauty of capturing your special day in real-time. From live streaming to highlight videos and social media, below are the trends you can expect to see this year.

Utilizing Selfie Stations and Digital Photo Booths

Traditionally, photographers are tasked with covering every dear moment during a wedding but as we plunge into 2024, the dynamic is changing. Wedding selfie stations are springing up with creative backdrops that blend with the wedding's overall theme. Although not completely new, this trend empowers guests to form part of the photography team by capturing their memorable moments. Increasingly, selfie station photo booths include a range of props and interactive elements, providing an entertaining and unique experience for guests and helping to create truly personal mementos from big days.

Selfie Station Digital Photo booth rental for weddings

Save the Date Videos Save-the-date cards are great, but if you really want to stand out--consider sending a video instead. Expect to see more save-the-date videos in 2024, just as a Hollywood trailer gets you excited about an upcoming movie, many couples are adopting the same strategy to set expectations for their guests about their wedding day. Live-Streaming Weddings Post-pandemic has given birth to some new customs. Friends and family have grown accustomed to not traveling as often due to restrictions and economic constraints, so expect live-streamed weddings to continue into 2024. This means that couples would have to consider hiring a lve-streamingi service to enable loved ones with underlying conditions to be part of the celebration from the safety of their homes.

Extended Videography As with photos, couples want every moment of their big weekend captured, and not just the wedding. Highlight Videos People’s attention spans are shrinking, so many couples are opting for highlight reel versions of their wedding videos to share on social media. It also helps couples save some money since the video company is not spending additional hours on the long edit. Highlight reels also make for a great way to share the wedding and couple’s love with all those who couldn’t attend the wedding.

The use of Drones for Aerial Videography

The alternative perspectives and panoramic views that drone photography and videography offer continue to redefine nuptial imagery. Drones provide a fresh, interactive tool to capture unforgettable moments from the rehearsal dinner to the reception. They are already giving photographers the ability to capture stunning aerial shots and wide-angle views that frame not just the couple, but also the atmosphere of the day. Drone technology is getting more advanced with better camera quality, and more wedding photographers are incorporating this trend into their shooting style.

The wedding video and photography sector has witnessed quite a major evolution. The futuristic trends for 2024 reflect that photography and videography for weddings are no longer confined to just capturing moments but are about narrating a story, portraying emotions, and creating wedding visuals to be cherished forever. The rise in demand for drone and 360-degree videography, as well as candid photography, are all set to redefine the entire realm, making it more experimental, more digital and better equipped. The increasing popularity of pre and post-wedding shoots alongside the demand for personalized and unique wedding videos also indicates a shift towards more creative, intimate, and detail-oriented visual storytelling.

The trends illuminating the use of advanced technologies, such as virtual bokeh and AI-based photo editing, showcase how wedding videography and photography are adapting to the advancements of the digital era. Furthermore, the inclination towards eco-friendly practices in print photography aligns with global environmental consciousness. However, choosing the right trend must not dilute the essence of the wedding itself – which is to bind two people in a bond of love. It is increasingly important to balance the technological advancements and trends with the sanctity and spirituality of the wedding ceremony. Therefore, while following these emerging trends, staying true to the couple's unique love story is paramount to capturing their special day in the most authentic and enjoyable manner.

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