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Don't Miss These Moments: 25 Wedding Photos You Absolutely Need

Wedding couples know that wedding photos are one of the most important parts of planning the wedding day, so creating a must-have wedding photo list should be high on your wedding planning priorities. That's why you want to make sure your photographer nails every photo-op, starting with the preparation photos all the way through your reception.

The first step is to hire a wedding photographer that matches your style, budget, and personality. Your photographer is a professional that knows what they're doing. They'll have the experience to know what the must-have wedding shots are, but it's helpful to have some general knowledge of wedding photography yourself.

We've put together a wedding photo list of the must-have moments to assist you in communicating with your photographer the images you'd like captured on your wedding day—from the pretty detailed shot of your wedding day accessories to the table settings and bridal suite.

Of course, you don't have to get every one of these wedding photos in order to create the perfect album, but it's a good idea to think about them.

1. The Invitation Communicate with your photographer about what you're looking for in this photo moment and be direct about whether or not you want to capture extra details (like flowers, ribbons, or a special keepsake). Flatlays are popular as well as some creative editorial shots of different perspectives. The information and details in an invitation set the stage for your wedding day story.

2. Makeup and Hair

While I'm not a fan of shooting the bride before she's "ready for pictures", I do take some candids of her preparing for her wedding day. These photos can also be staged once you're completely ready. Be sure to include images of your MUAs and Stylists as memories of those helping to present your wedding day look.

note: as a wedding photographer, I strongly suggest the bride get makeup and hair completed first, before all others. Having the bride ready to go makes it easier to get all of the most important photos captured in the allotted time. 3. Jewelry & Accessories There is a reason why you handpicked your wedding day accessories to make sure they're special, so be sure to capture that. And if you're wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue get a shot of everything together! These work well in a group flatlay. Be sure to capture details of each item as well.

For the groom, include any accessories he might be wearing (cool socks, a watch, tie, jewelry, shoes, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, etc.)

note: send a list of all the accessories you want to be photographed to your photographer and have these set-aside and ready to be shot as soon as your photographer gets there as these will usually be the first images he takes.

4. The Getting Ready Moments After all that wedding shopping and planning, you're going to want to document the big reveal. Snap a quick photo of your mom or Maid of Honor zipping you in and putting on your veil, accessories, and shoes. Some popular shots are brides putting on their earrings, or the groom adjusting his tie and collar.

5. The Wedding Shoes and Dress Images of your wedding dress are must-have shots. We prefer a solo hanging shot to capture all the details, but you may also hold the dress or lay it flat on a clean floor or bed. You will want to have pictures of the intricate details of your dress design.

6. The Bridal Portrait This is your time to shine in the spotlight and really show off that dress! Don't shy away from the camera, and make sure your photographer sets some time aside to capture your bridal portrait.

7. The Veil If you’re rocking a beautiful veil, be sure to have your photographer snap some pics from every single angle.

New Orleans wedding photographer and videographer - mother and bride putting on veil
New Orleans wedding photographer and videographer - bride awaiting her ceremony

8. The Bridal Bouquet Take some shots while holding your bouquet, and also let your photographer capture it in different locations for the perfect shot. Be sure to include your bridesmaids' bouquets as well

9. The Bridal Party Getting ready Be sure to capture your bridal party getting ready before the ceremony. Take some candids as well as some posed images. If you all have matching robes or themed outfits, be sure to take these popular group shots. Incorporate lots of laughter and interaction in your shots so they look natural.

10. The Boutonnieres Groomsmen don't have many accessories but a nice lapel floral arrangement is usually pretty standard for groomsmen's wedding attire.

11. The Groom It’s the groom's turn to be a GQ model! Make sure to tell your how fly and handsome he looks before he hops in front of the camera.

12. The First Look Some couples are 100 percent sure they want a first look, while others would rather wait for the aisle moment, it's all up to you! Document it if you decide to see your groom before the ceremony. You’ll cherish his reaction forever.

note: There are some huge advantages to scheduling time for a first look:

  • Allows more time for group, family, and couple portraits BEFORE the ceremony so you don't take time away from the reception taking photos. You get to EAT, DRINK, and DANCE right away!

  • It adds another element of variety to your wedding portfolio or album.

  • You can share this moment in private, away from onlookers, and allow yourselves to be captured by the emotion.

13. The Candid Moments Wedding candids make for the best moments. Be yourselves as your photographer snaps pics of the two of you. Make sure your photographer knows you want them to capture those authentic moments beforehand so you can completely get lost in the moment.

14. The Portraits After you and your partner say "I do," sneak away with your photographer for photos, just the two of you. It’s a nice moment to spend with your partner alone and a perfect time for some lovely photos.

15. The Wedding Party Put your bridal party together in one big group! Pair up, take groomsmen and bridesmaids shots, and add family members. These formal and posed groupings are standard for almost every type and kind of wedding.

16. Don't Leave out The Littlest Ones Every bride needs a photo with her adorable flower girl or junior bridesmaid. Take a few in whatever pose comes naturally either looking down at them or squatting down and showing some love. junior groom and Ring bearer should also have their moment. These kids will cherish these memories well into adulthood.

17. The Venues Ask your photographer to take a wide shots and details of the place where it all happens. The images of all the places that make up the setting of your wedding day. this includes where you get ready, where you exchange vows, and where you celebrate your union.

18. The Walk Down the Aisle (Processional) Whether you’re walking on the arm of your mother, father, or both, you’ll treasure this moment forever. You will want all the member of your wedding march included including parents.

19. Ring Exchange, Vows and Holding Hands Now here’s the important stuff! Make sure your photographer takes photos of the ceremony in action. Holding hands, laughter, tears, prayer, candle lighting, and all of the important moments as you exchange your vows.

20. The First Kiss Be sure to have your officiant step out of the shot for this major moment. and Take you time! no ned to rush this part.

21. The Tables, Cake and Decor After all that time spent picking linens and place settings, make sure your photographer captures the details of the big day from different angles. This inlcudes your cake table, backdrops, bar and food setup, etc.