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Use this form to provide information for your Wedding Day Imaging Experience.

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Please have one of your bridesmaids or wedding planner get ALL of the people you want in your family portraits rounded up as soon as the ceremony is over. If we can keep everyone on task, family formals shouldn't take too long. Provide a list of family groupings for immediate family portraits.

Are there any additional groupings that you would like me to get?

Please have the wedding party gathered as soon as the ceremony is over so we can get these done as soon as family formals are over and we can get you to your reception.

I can not stress enough how important these images will be to you. Family and wedding party formals are important but these pictures are what the day is all about. I know your guests are going to complain and you will be hungry but please take my advice and let me get some amazing pictures of you and your new spouse. Thes, in my opinion, are the most important.

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Is your wedding party going to be announced?
Are you and your spouse going to be announced?
Will you be doing a cake cutting?
Will you be doing a garter toss?
Will you be doing a bouquet toss?
Will you be doing a Money Dance?

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